Over-The-Top Solutions


Our in-dept knowledge on video platform, video player, and wide range of video solutions are deployed globally across content providers, TV operators, broadcasters and telecommunications providers. We work closely with cloud providers to offer secure, scalable and reliable hosting solutions for video services of all sizes. We provide infrastructure support on live events, ensuring continuity of service at all times.

Quality & Fast Playback
No more glitches, buffering and missing out on the video playback experience. We develop quality system for best user’s experience.

Videos on Demand
Ability to record live channels that allows users to watch it on demand

Live Streaming
Simply connect your device to the internet and you are ready to stream your favourite sport channels. 

Download to Play
Download your videos and watch it anywhere without bursting your data plan.

Video Measurement & Analytics
Observe the behaviour of your viewers to improve the video experience. This helps the management to make better business decisions.

Multi-Platform Compatibility
Our products can support iPhone, Android Phone, Web, Smart TV, Apple TV and Connected TV .

Protect your videos from being unauthorised download, recording or redistribution with the use of our multi-DRM video monitoring system.

Allows tagging and selling of products related to Video. We can integrate with various payment platforms.

Domain and Geo restrictions
We have the capabilities to restrict access to digital content based on the user’s location, maintaining the Digital Rights Management.

User Engagements
Contents discovery can be a headache. Our prized ergonomic design for complex content display allows user to find their desired programs easily in any screens 

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